Round Drip Irrigation Pipes
  • Easy-to-use and safe and suitable for perennial plantings.
  • Made of high quality, original raw materials.
  • It contains additives ensuring resistance to UV beams.
  • Allows a longer installation due to its smooth inner surface.
  • It is resistant to be continuous packing and unpacking.
  • It is unlike to obstruct thanks to specially-designed drippers.
  • Drippers are inserted in the pipe during manufacturing.
  • Drippers have 2 water outlets.
Technical Specifications
  • Panplast Round Drip Irrigation Pipes has a nominal flow 2-4-6 lt/h under the pressure of 1 atm.
  • Maximum operating pressure is 2 atm.
  • Ø 16 Round pipes have a nominal inner diameter of 13.8 mm.
  • Ø 20 Round pipes have a nominal inner diameter of 17.8 mm.
  • Wall thicknesses are 0,7mm -0,9mm -1,0 mm- 1,1mm and 1,2 mm.